My Dear Friend

Yang Pingdao / China / 2018 / 105 min / Colour

In a remote village in southern China, a city woman arrives in a car, shouting and creating confusion: she is furious, in search of her missing lover. Instead she finds his grandfather, Shuimu, a shy yet hospitable man. The elder has an unfriendly wife who mistreats him and a friend, Zhongsheng, with whom he spends most of his time, as he has done since the age of ten, when he collected him from the river, devoid of memory. Zhongsheng feels that he is nearing his end and begs his friend and the woman to accompany him to his childhood village, toward lost memories and a popular legend that perhaps concerns him. Together they will travel in a mysterious land, back in space and time. With an almost documentary approach, My Dear Friend moves through the mists of memory, investigating fragile and nameless feelings, against the backdrop of mountains that become a metaphor for a resigned solitude, a sweet abandonment.

  • Yang Pingdao

    Yang Pingdao

    Born in 1980 in Guangzhou, Yang Pingdao graduated from the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts. He is a director, screenwriter and author. His documentary, The River of Life (2014), has won numerous awards at international festivals. My Dear Friend (2018) is his fiction feature debut.


Format  HDSubject Yang PingdaoScreenplay Yang PingdaoCinematography Miaoyuan LongEditing Lin XudongMusic Dickson DeeMain cast Luk Suk-yuen, Robert Loh, Gabby SoProducer STORY FARM PRODUCTIONSProduction company Miaoyuan Long


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