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Alors, elles deviennent éternelles

So, they become eternal

Delphine Mouly / Switzerland / 2018 / 11 min / Colour

The profile of the peaks of Thabana-Li'-Mele, the highest mountain in the rugged landscape of Lesotho, evokes the image of two breasts. Their form feeds a dense network of memories, stories and recollections that come from a remote and forgotten past. Stories that connect humanity with the animal world, with an archaic femininity that investigates its link with the masculine, the landscape and the mountain, a tormented reflection of a perhaps lost complexity. The director Delphine Mouly travels through an intricate cosmology of stories, myths and legends that tell us about the female body and the mysterious bond that links humanity to nature. The short film is the result of a collaboration that involved young filmmakers and Lesothian students, who together with the project coordinators left the capital, Maseru, to reach the inner villages and establish direct relationships with the inhabitants, investigating the traditions, the mythology and the dream of a body that becomes rock and, finally, a mountain.

  • Delphine Mouly

    Delphine Mouly

    Born in Lausanne in 1996, in 2016 she graduated in Political and Social Sciences from the University of Lille, to then continue her studies in cinema at the Haute école d´art et de design in Geneva. She made her directorial debut in 2017 with Hypoténuse. Alors, elles deviennent éternelles is her second film.


Format  HDScreenplay Delphine Mouly and Mats'eliso MoruthaneCinematography Delphine MoulySound Delphine MoulyEditing Delphine MoulyProduction company HEAD – Genève


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