Homo botanicus

Guillermo Quintero / Colombia, France / 2018 / 88 min / Colour

Julio Betancur, university professor of Botany and renowned academic, is accompanied by his young student Cristian Carso through the Amazon rainforest, in Colombia, in search of new species of orchids. The young director Guillermo Quintero, a former student of the professor, also walks with them, and after fifteen years returns to Bogotà, the city where he studied, to document this journey in one of the most remote and wild areas of the country. Quintero's film, his debut feature, is a heartfelt and intimate investigation that explores the almost obsessive passion for cataloging living species, both animals and plants. The director does not hide the naive assertions that Cristian makes to his teacher who, for his part, instructs him and kindly reassures him. Professor and student demonstrate a boundless stubbornness in their search for new species to be documented, trying to understand the forms and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the orchids in a fascinating and harsh natural landscape. Their discoveries are carefully cataloged and will be kept in the archives of the University of Bogotà, forming a veritable treasure trove of documentation and study and protection of biodiversity.

  • Guillermo Quintero

    Guillermo Quintero

    Documentary director and producer, after studying Botany Guillermo Quintero worked as a correspondent for RCN and NTN24 in France and other European countries. He contributed to the foundation of Cinescuela, a distribution platform for schools. Homo Botanicus (2018) is his debut documentary.


Format  HDSubject Guillermo QuinteroScreenplay Guillermo QuinteroCinematography Guillermo QuinteroSound Marc Olivier BrulleEditing Julie BorvonMusic Violeta CruzMain cast Julio Betancur, Cristian CastroProduction company Casatarantula, Stank


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