Die Tage wie das Jahr

The Days and the Year

Othmar Schmiderer / Austria / 2018 / 87 min / Colour

The days of Gottfried and his wife Elfie go by to the rhythm of work in the fields and the care of the animals, on their small farm in the Austrian region of the Waldviertel. Theirs is a precise choice of ethics and life, which leads them every day to reaffirm the desire to relate to animals as living creatures and to the soil as a cosmos that must be understood and respected. Running their farm according to a sustainable and human-scale model guides them from season to season, while hours become days and days become years. The film follows the course of this life with tenacity, avoiding comments or explanations, leaving the images to tell us about a possible alternative model to intensive exploitation. For a whole year, the director lived with and closely filmed his two protagonists, asking questions about their everyday life, their choice and their aesthetic position with respect to all of this.

  • Othmar Schmiderer

    Othmar Schmiderer

    Othmar Schmiderer was born in 1954 in Lofer, Australia. In 1973 he moved to Vienna, where he approached the theatrical and performance world as production manager, assistant and festival organiser. His arrival in the world of cinema took place in 1983, again as an assistant, before making his debut as an independent director in 1987 with his first documentary works.


Format  DCPSubject Othmar SchmidererScreenplay Angela Summmereder, Othmar SchmidererCinematography Othmar SchmidererSound Angela SummmerederEditing Arthur SummerederProduction company O. Schmiderer filmproduction


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