Stefan Malešević / Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia / 2017 / 78 min / Colour

Amongst the peaks of the Šar Mountains, in region of Gora, lives a Muslim minority ethnic group speaking a Slavic language. Daily life consists of caring for their herds and flocks, of prayers, chats at the bar, and karaoke sessions. The men confide in one another, talk about women and sing love songs, and we quickly realise that until now no woman has appeared in the film. Religion and tradition, in fact, forbid the women to be filmed. With panoramic lenses and insistent shots, the documentary shows the rich culture of this small community, exclusively filming the activities of its male members: little boys playing, men working, old men lounging about. In this way, the inalienable presence of women emerges powerfully from their conspicuous absence, while the tombs of the graveyard in the mountains overlooking the village below remind everyone of the ephemeral matter that human lives are made of. 

  • Stefan Malešević

    Stefan Malešević

    Born in Belgrade in 1989, after university he continued his studies at the Film.Factory Program of the Sarajevo Film Academy, run by the director Bela Tarr. Out of this experience came the collective Bistrik7, of which Stefan is an active member. He has directed more than twenty short films and founded the production house Slovofilm in Banja Luka.


Format  HDSubject Stefan MaleševićScreenplay Stefan MaleševićCinematography Stefan MaleševićSound Jakov MunižabaEditing Jelena Maksimović, Stefan MaleševićMusic Muška BrothersProducer Stefan MalesevicProduction company Slovofilm d.o.o.


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