Wiktoria Szymanska / Denmark, Mexico, Poland, United Kingdom / 2015 / 20 min / Black and white

Like another Heidi, a little girl goes up to the mountains to grow up with her grandfather. Her life in the meadows and woods - near running streams, cuddling and caring for animals - is imbued with feelings of fear, solitude, and the tension of waiting for something that must conclude. With the end of the war comes the end of her childhood. At the moment of her return to the city, the black-and-white footage gives way to colour, and the child's nostalgia gives way to an appreciation of those years spent with her grandfather. Her return trip is unavoidable, like life. 

  • Wiktoria Szymanska

    Wiktoria Szymanska

    Born in Poland, she studied art at the Sorbonne and in Warsaw. She works in the area of the visual arts and makes documentaries (Themerson and Themerson, 2011) and shorts, also collaborating with various television stations (ARTE, Channel4, BBC and others). She lives and works in Germany, Poland, France, Mexico and Tanzania.


Format  DCPSubject Wiktoria Szymanska Screenplay Wiktoria Szymanska Cinematography Martín BoegeEditing Mirjam Strugalla, Pascale Hannoyer, Wiktoria SzymanskaMusic Ricardo CortésMain cast Rowen Rodriguez Woodward, Carmina Sanchez, Francisco BeveridoProducer Wiktoria Szymanska Production company Luna W., Tea Productions


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