Piazza del Festival | Excursion | Free

9:00 am

Escursione - FFDL


A walk to discover the great “islands” of beech trees in the High Lessinia, with Ugo Sauro recounting the history of the evolution of the forest from proto-history to the modern age. Organized by CAI Lessinia and the Museo Civico Etnografico of Bosco Chiesanuova. Sign up: Tourist Office of Bosco Chiesanuova, tel. +39 393 8953923.

Piazza del Festival | Workshop 6+ | € 5

10:00 am

Laboratorio - FFDL


How to recover plastic and transform it into art? Led by the educators of the Environmental Education Center of Legambiente, Verona, on recovered plastic children will engrave trees, with their variety of shapes, foliage and barks. Sign up: Tourist Office of Bosco Chiesanuova, tel. +39 045 2477050.

Teatro Vittoria | Retrospective | € 5

11:00 am

Koyaanisqatsi - FFDL


Godfrey Reggio / 87 min / 1982 / United States

In the language of the Hopi Indians, the word Koyaanisqatsi means life without balance. To the notes of Philip Glass, the director Godfrey Reggio explores the earth, its beauty and the impact of humanity on the landscape, in a horizon without equilibrium.

Osteria del Festival | Coffee with the director | Free

2:00 pm

Caffè con il regista - FFDL

Coffee with the directors

The directors of the FFDL meet the public.

Teatro Vittoria | FFDL 3+ | € 3/5

4:00 pm

Le dernier jour d'automne - FFDL

Le dernier jour d'automne

The Last Day of Autumn

Marjolaine Perreten / 7 min / 2019 / France, Switzerland

On the last day of autumn, the inhabitants of the forest throw themselves into a crazy bicycle race. Forgetting the spirit of competition, the animals help each other reach their warm dens.

Zibilla - FFDL


Isabelle Favez / 26 min / 2019 / Belgium, Switzerland

Moving to a new city is not easy: especially if at school you are the only Zebra, in a class of foals. Zibilla, together with his puppet, will live an incredible adventure, meet a real lion and learn to roar properly.

Roar - FFDL


Ramón Arango, Owley Samter / 1 min / 2017 / Switzerland

The carnivorous dinosaur is a bully, but the herbivorous dinosaur is not intimidated: it has in store the right weapon.

Bijela vrana - FFDL

Bijela vrana

White Crow

Miran Miošić / 9 min / 2018 / Croatia (Hrvatska)

Little White Crow, who is born white among black crows, is everyone's object of ridicule. But she will be the one to save the situation, when pollution threatens the whole flock. 

Fliege - FFDL



Julia Ocker / 4 min / 2018 / Germany

Three frogs compete in a singing contest on the water's edge, in a muddy pond. But when a fly comes and hunger knocks, things will get complicated.

Pouštět draka - FFDL

Pouštět draka

The Kite

Martin Smatana / 13 min / 2019 / Czech Republic, Slovakia

A grandfather lives in a small house at the top of the hill. Together with his grandson, he chases a kite at the end of the summer. But with the arrival of autumn, he becomes weaker and is dragged away by the wind into the cloudy sky.

Sala Olimpica | Higher Words | Free

4:30 pm

Parole Alte - FFDL

Paola Favero, Sandro Carniel

A forest worker and an oceanographer, authors of the book, Once Upon a Time There Was a Forest (Hoepli) discuss what is changing in the fragile balance of the forests of planet Earth. Starting from the shocking images of 15 to 20 million trees uprooted in the regions of Lombardy, Trentino, Veneto and Friuli on October 28 and 29, 2018, their focus moves from the forests to the oceans, dramatically linked by an environmental and biological crisis whose consequences cannot be foreseen.

Piazza del Festival | Draw your mother earth 3+ | Free

5:30 pm

Disegna la tua madre terra - FFDL

Draw your mother earth

Children will invent and draw Mother Earth and vote for their favourite drawing. The winners will be shown during the ceremony on Saturday, 31 August at 6:00 pm.

Teatro Vittoria | Competition | € 5

6:00 pm

Sinovi smo tvog stijenja - FFDL

Sinovi smo tvog stijenja

We are the Sons of your Rocks

Ivan Salatić / 34 min / 2018 / Montenegro

In a Montenegrin village, a man is tormented by the past. At the end of the Second World War, an Italian officer was summarily executed and buried nearby. But there is no trace of the tomb, no proof that the story is true.

Naturales Historiae - FFDL

Naturales Historiae

Pauline Julier / 56 min / 2019 / Switzerland

How can we define nature? Through images and stories from various periods and regions of the world, the director explores the power of volcanoes and of the natural world that designs time and the landscape, making man feel only like a small passenger. 

Centro Socio Culturale | Visual explorations | Free

6:30 pm

Esplorazioni visive - FFDL

Gian Maria Varanini

The so-called “Carta dell’Almagià”, from the name of the geographer who studied it in 1923, is one of the most important cartographic monuments of the Italian fifteenth century. This is illustrated by Gian Maria Varanini, professor of Medieval History at the University of Verona and co-author of the book, Verona and its Territory in 15th Century (Cierre), with the participation of Giulia Baczynski who was inspired by the map to create a photographic installation. Laura Ragnolini will be present at the meeting with a focus on the presence of Lessinia in the "Carta dell'Almagià".

Teatro Vittoria | Competition | € 5

9:00 pm

Le temps des forêts - FFDL

Le temps des forêts

The Time of Forests

François-Xavier Drouet / 103 min / 2018 / France

The model of intensive agriculture, increasingly mechanized and industrialized, also threatens forestry and forest preservation. Following alternative models and recovering traditional knowledge is still possible and more urgent than ever.

Piazza del Festival | Concert | Free

11:00 pm

Concerto - FFDL


Duck Chagall and i Baleno ironically mix Brit rock, American blues, and electronic music. On the stage are Francesco Ambrosini (voice, keyboard), Francesco Quanilli (voice, guitar), Damiano Dalle Pezze (drums, electronics) and Roberto Panarotto (bass).


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