Teatro Vittoria | Higher Words | Free

6:00 pm

Parole Alte - FFDL

Alberto Peruffo, Giuseppe Savio Edoardo Egano, Collettivo CCC

A video performance for “wind machine”, an electronic instrument that reinvents classical music in a contemporary style, and for “burnt memories”, those of the French anarchist Clément Duval dedicated to the wounded territory of the Northeast Italy. From the mountains to the cities, a story is woven with words, music and videos, and with texts taken from the book The Meadows Won’t Come Back (Edizioni Cierre) by Alberto Peruffo that overturns the title of Ermanno Olmi’s famous film to tell of the most extensive pollution of the water in the history of Europe. The FFDL opens with a scream of pain, of love and of protest for the devastation of Mother Earth.


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